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  • Loved the earlier GT-511C1R… apart from the fact that it just didn’t work at all well for me right at the “source”… it didn’t scan my fingerprints very well. Everything else was first class, and very sophisticated. (With that come the fact that hooking into the interface is not trivial, but it IS (very) “do-able”.

    As this device seems to use the same, or nearly the same SDK_Demo (Windows) software, I am hoping that it has all of the strengths of the old device.

    Have people found, once they have mastered the SDK_Demo software, and the fairly trivial hookup issues, that this reads prints well? Anyone with experience of this and the older device have any comments to share?

    • The new version of the fingerprint should function the same as long as you connect to the pins sufficiently. I did have some issues scanning fingerprints a few times but it was similar with any other fingerprint scanner that I’ve tested (i.e. pressing too hard, not placing the finger sufficiently on the scanner, etc.). It should be linked in the troubleshooting section => [ ].

      There are some minor updates in the SDK-Demo software, scanner’s features, and PCB. You should not notice a difference in the overall functionality. From my experience, it seems to work well. =)

  • Interfacing Library for .NET

    We recently released an interfacing library in .NET for the Fingerprint Scanner (GT-521Fxx). The library is completely open source under MIT license.

    Library Features

    • All documented commands are implemented (2018-06-25)
    • Operations are all asynchronous
    • No dependencies
    • MIT License
  • Is it possible to change the TX and RX pins on the Arduino? My Arduino has seen better days and its pin 4 is broken.

    • Yes, it is possible. There should be a note in the section called Software Serial w/ Other Microcontrollers. Not all the pins can support change interrupts for a serial Rx pin depending on what Arduino microcontroller is used. However, there are a few other options. It links to the Software Serial Library.

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