Comments: Fingerprint Scanner (GT-521Fxx) Hookup Guide


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  • Interfacing Library for .NET

    We recently released an interfacing library in .NET for the Fingerprint Scanner (GT-521Fxx). The library is completely open source under MIT license.

    Library Features

    • All documented commands are implemented (2018-06-25)
    • Operations are all asynchronous
    • No dependencies
    • MIT License
  • Is it possible to change the TX and RX pins on the Arduino? My Arduino has seen better days and its pin 4 is broken.

    • Yes, it is possible. There should be a note in the section called Software Serial w/ Other Microcontrollers. Not all the pins can support change interrupts for a serial Rx pin depending on what Arduino microcontroller is used. However, there are a few other options. It links to the Software Serial Library.

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