ESP8266 WiFi Shield Hookup Guide

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Resources and Going Further

The ESP8266 WiFi Shield is open source hardware, you can find all of our design documents in our ESP8266 WiFi Shield GitHub Repository. In addition to that, these resources may come in handy:

ESP8266 Resources

An awesome community has grown around the ESP8266. We owe them big time for the amazing Arduino addon they've cooperatively built. For all of your ESP8266 needs, we recommend checking out the Community Forum. In addition to that, here are a few ESP8266-related resources we've found incredibly helpful:

The ESP8266 Thing is open source hardware! If you need, or just want to look at, the PCB design files, you can find them in our ESP8266 Thing GitHub repository.

Going Further

Need a little project inspiration, now that you've got your ESP8266 Thing up-and-running? Maybe some of these related SparkFun tutorials will help spur some ideas:

Are You Okay? Widget

Use an Electric Imp and accelerometer to create an "Are You OK" widget. A cozy piece of technology your friend or loved one can nudge to let you know they're OK from half-a-world away.

With it's deep sleep ability, the Thing is a great foundation for a WiFi-based weather station, or a friendly, huggable, interactive plushy.