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  • Also - website issue with a dash of irony… I tried to report my constructive comment via your “send us your feedback!” link… but the Feedback form does not work.

    Press the submit button, and the feedback form just sits there, no error and apparently no submit. my details: (chrome 66.0.3359.139 (Official Build) (64-bit), macOS)

  • (Once I read more closely, my Mac issue was solved. Mac users: do not miss the step, where you click “add” THEN “open” (after previously having staged the SparkFun_SchematicComponents.lib file somewhere in one of the expected paths. If you mess this up like I did, you might Google and find a bunch of OLD information about Kicad on the Mac… which if you follow, you will end up down a rabbit hole…)

  • When I migrated from Eagle to KiCad in 2013 I really missed those Sparkfun libraries - it’s good to see them making a comeback for this excellent open-source package. Thanks for the excellent tutorial too!

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