Wireless RC Robot with Arduino and XBees

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Hardware Hookup

Assembled Shadow Chassis

We'll assume that you have a fully assembled robot with the Shadow Chassis.

Assembly Guide for RedBot with Shadow Chassis

May 28, 2015

Assembly Guide for the RedBot Kit. This tutorial includes extra parts to follow to go along with the RedBot Inventor's Kit tutorial.

Motor and Power Switches

Make sure to flip the MOTOR and POWER switches to the RUN and ON positions respectively.

Turn the POWER to ON

Motor Wires

To be consistent with the hookup used with the assembly and experiment guide, make sure that the motor wires match the table and image below.

Left Motor:

RedBot Mainboard Pins Left Motor Jumper Wires
LEFT MOTOR - RED Soldered on Motor Jumper Wire - RED
LEFT MOTOR - BLACK Soldered on Motor Jumper Wire - BLACK

Right Motor:

RedBot Mainboard Pins Right Motor Jumper Wires
RIGHT MOTOR - RED Soldered on Motor Jumper Wire - BLACK
RIGHT MOTOR - BLACK Soldered on Motor Jumper Wire - RED

Plug in USB cable

Software Serial Switch

To avoid bricking the XBee on the RedBot or uploading, it is recommended to utilize the software serial port. Make sure to flip the switch to the "XBEE SW SERIAL" side.

Software Serial Switch

Assembled Wireless Joystick

We'll also assume that you have a wireless joystick assembled together. Check out the Hardware Hookup section in the Wireless Joystick Hookup Guide for more information. Note that you will need to solder the components together as opposed to the solderless RedBot Kit.

Wireless Joystick Hookup Guide

January 5, 2017

A hookup guide for the SparkFun Wireless Joystick Kit.

The example code used in this tutorial works for both the dual joystick and single joystick.

Dual Joystick Single Joystick
Dual Joystick Single Joystick

Jumper Wire for XBee 3's

The following code works with a XBee Series 1 set to transparent mode. If you are using an XBee Series 3, you may need to add a jumper between the XBee Series 3's reset pin and A5 for the Wireless Joystick. Simply cut and strip a piece of wire to add between reset pin on the XBee's female socket and A5.

Wireless Joystick RESET pin Highlighted

Solder Pin for XBee Series 3

Once the wire is soldered, it should look similar to the image below.

Jumper wire between A5 and RESET pin on the XBee's Socket

Jumper wire between A5 and RESET pin on the XBee Series 3