Wireless Glove Controller

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Understanding Your Circuit

Wireless Glove Controller

The simplest form of input is a button press, so we'll control LEDs remotely using buttons for this project as shown in the diagram below.

Circuit Diagram Transmitting XBee

Custom Button

Since the electronics are going on a glove, the usual momentary button won't be the most comfortable on the fingers. Instead, we'll make our own custom button using snappable pins, conductive thread, and wire. You'll need to make a contact between your thumb, middle, ring, and pinky to GND, pin 4, pin 11, and pin 12, respectively.


For feedback to indicate that we have sent a character wirelessly, we'll solder an LED and 330Ω current limiting resistor to the protoboard between pin 13 and ground. You could use the on-board LED on the RedBoard but it would be harder to see under the shield. Additionally, we'll attach a diffused, common cathode RGB LED to pins 5, 6, and 9. Make sure to add a second 330Ω current limiting resistor between the common cathode and GND, respectively.

Receiving XBee Node

For the receiving XBee, we'll just mimic the LEDs used for feedback on the glove. The circuit is the same, that is without the custom buttons as shown in the diagram below. The board is flipped over to illustrate the receiving XBee node.

Circuit Diagram Receiving XBee