WiFly Shield Hookup Guide

Contributors: Joel_E_B, CTaylor
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The WiFly Shield allows you to easily connect your Arduino to a wireless network, serve up data, act as a client, create an ad-hoc network for your Internet of things devices, and get data such as data and time from your network. This hookup guide will show you how get started, how to configure the WiFly module, and how to set up some simple sketches using the WiFly Shield.

WiFly Shield

Covered in This Tutorial

This guide will show you:

  • How to connect the WiFly Shield to the Arduino
  • How to communicate with the WiFly Shield through the terminal
  • How to connect the WiFly to a WiFi network
  • Simple communication over a network
  • How to create a simple server
  • How to update the firmware on the WiFly module

All of the functions and commands used in this tutorial can be found in the RN131 documentation:

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