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  • Just got my WiFly going again after a three year absence. Congratulations to Sparkfun on an excellent step-by step Hookup Guide - much better than it used to be. Just a remark here that might help others: I wasted a lot of time with the WiFly_RGB_LED_Server until I realised that my browser was blocking traffic between my laptop and the WiFly shield. Otherwise it would have worked first time. Thought number 2: the WiFly_RGB_LED_Server is rather slow. It takes about 12-15s from clicking say the Red button until the LED lights up. There is obviously a lot of slack here. For a previous server of mine the delay was only 3s but I was using an older library and the structure of my software was different. Thought number 3: It is possible to remove your router from the network by programming the RN-131C chip to operate as an “ad-hoc network” with a fixed IP address. This is easily done by following the Instructables website. You can then control your WiFly from a mobile phone, though there seems to be a problem with phones having the Android operating system.

  • my case: arduino wireless Sd shield + Wifly RN-171. Following your tutorial everything works, even connection keep alive.etc…. BUT: the browser only shows transferring data (or waiting for (my ardu-wlify ip)……the script ardu order: client.println(“HTTP/1.1 200 OK”); doesnt appear in the browser…… :-( why? should the switch of the wireless shield be in micro or USB (it works on both)….should I connect something with wire? I just want to show a text in the browser from the ardu script via wireless….. any idea? many thanks

  • When I verify the SpiUartTerminal code downloaded from the GitHub link and I get the error “ ‘SpiSerial’ was not declared in this scope”. I am using Arduino 1.0.5-r2. Should I use a previous version of Arduino to get this to work or should the code be modified and if so how?

  • I followed the simple server example, but is not working, I uncommented the Serial.print© and I´m getting the following response:

    POST / HTTP/1.1 Host: Connection: keep-alive Content-Length: 7 Cache-Control: max-age=0 Accept: text/html,application+imip.n/10gi(NOl5HeC.1/Cyi–ee/.5pnddpg,,

    but besides that nothing else happens. What could be the problem? please help

    • It looks like you’re not on port 80. You need to be on port 80 or a similar port that can handle HTTP requests.

      GET / HTTP/1.1 Host:

      Notice that my ip address doesn’t have a port number behind it as your does. This is the first step in the Communicating with the Network section.

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