Vernier Shield Hookup Guide

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As a former high school physics teacher, I taught nearly every unit using Vernier sensors in my classroom. Vernier has an extensive suite of sensors, easy-to-use software, and amazing support for all of their products.

I had great success using Vernier in my physics class, but I was looking for a solution that would enable me to use these same sensors in other classrooms where I did not have direct access to computers with LoggerPro software or the Vernier LabPro hardware.

Part of this journey led me to developing this low-cost photogate timer project. I had conceived this idea before starting here at SparkFun, and, once here, I was able to start this project to develop an Arduino shield that would allow us to quickly connect any Vernier probe to an Arduino.

Vernier LabPro

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Vernier LabPro Startup Beep

This green box is a classic in many science classrooms. It makes a very pleasant, instantly recognizable tone when it's plugged into a computer.

In addition to the LabPro, Vernier also has a variety of other interfaces including the:

These interfaces are great solutions for data collection and automation in the classroom. They are simple to use and integrate directly with Vernier's LoggerPro software platform. With the increased access to of low-cost micro-controllers in classrooms, we wanted to help provide an alternative for teachers to leverage their existing sensors, activities, and materials from Vernier with Arduino.

We have developed this Arduino Shield to connect your favorite Vernier sensors to any Arduino Uno or Arduino Uno compatible device.

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What you'll need:

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