Vernier Shield Hookup Guide

Contributors: bri_huang
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Example 1 - AutoID Arduino

The team at Vernier have helped us with creating a couple simple Arduino sketches that automatically query either the Analog or the Digital ports of the Arduino and report back the sensor identification and standard calibration data.

Vernier has created a wealth of examples hosted on github. Upload these sketches to your arduino device, and open up a Serial Monitor to view the data coming back to your computer.

AutoID Analog Sensors

This sketch is designed to automatically query the sensors connected to the two analog ports on the Vernier shield. After the AutoID, it prints the sensor information to the Serial Monitor and starts logging (calibrated) data to the screen. Written into this script are the default calibration constants used with Vernier’s sensors.

This will, most likely, be the only Arduino sketch you need for most of your sensors.

As it is written, the data is collected once per second. Change the value of the variable TimeBetweenReadings to change the rate of the data collection.

AutoID Digital Sensors

This sketch queries the digital sensors connected to the Vernier Shield and prints out the information to the Serial Monitor. Because each digital sensor is unique, this sketch does not start logging data or printing out results. It will, however, suggest the name of the Vernier Arduino sketch to use. You can find these on the Vernier github repository.