SparkFun ESP32 DMX to LED Shield

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Hardware Assembly

The DMX to LED shield is designed with a Feather footprint; we recommend using the SparkFun ESP32 Thing Plus for it's WiFi capabilities. Make sure to choose the appropriate header combo to suit your needs when soldering headers into your microcontroller board. In the examples below, we will be using an ESP32 Thing Plus with soldered male headers. Check out the assembly section of the ESP32 Thing Plus Hookup Guide for tips on soldering the ESP32 Thing Plus.

ESP32 Thing with male headers soldered
ESP32 Thing Plus with soldered male headers.

This shield is easy to plug in and start playing around with. When creating a high current installation, make sure to power your system through the screw terminals. If you know the board will be at the end of a chain of DMX devices, solder in a 120 Ohm resistor in the term spot (highlighted below). If you don't have a 120 Ω reisitor, a 100 Ω resistor can be used.

Termination Resistor
Termination Resistor