Serial Controlled Motor Driver Hookup Guide

Contributors: MTaylor
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Resources and Going Further

Advanced Features

The advanced features such as configuring the fail safe, data rates, diagnostic features, and bridging can be found in the following document. Use a PDF viewer that supports bookmarks for easiest navigation.

Not covered in this guide:

  • VCC breakable to allow up to 5.5v levels.
  • PSoC programming port.
  • Bus diagnostic reporting
  • Configurable failsafe time and operation
  • Configurable expansion bus bitrate to 50, 100, or 400 kHz.
  • Configurable expansion bus update rate from 1ms to 255ms, or by command only.

Additional Examples

There are also some additional examples packaged with the library which are not described here. Have a look at them and the arduino library source files to better understand the advanced usage.

Arduino examples not covered in this guide:

  • RegisterRWTool -- Use to convert ascii communication from a Arduino window into direct register access.
  • Run-timeDiagnostics -- Demonstrates reading the diagnostic registers and using the built-in diagnostic structure for data storage.

Robot examples available by github repo XbeeTeensyXCVR:

  • HamburgerBot -- Two wheeled robot using digital inputs that emulate analog drive behavior.
  • DualDriveBot -- Double wheeled robot using analog sticks to provide smooth single stick driving.

These robots are built using the serial controlled motor driver, with an XBee link.

Check out more robot action in the SCMD demo video:

For more motor-driving action, check out these other great SparkFun tutorials:

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