OpenScale Applications and Hookup Guide

Contributors: Nate, LightningHawk
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Interface Specifications

OpenScale communicates at TTL level 9600bps 8-N-1 by default. The baud rate is configurable from from 1200bps to 1,000,000bps. Most users will use the USB mini-B connection to connect to a computer. See How to Install FTDI Drivers tutorial for more information. Users may also communicate via the 6-pin serial interface:

alt text

6-pin connector on the edge of OpenScale

This is the common FTDI-type pinout. This interface is useful if you need to attach OpenScale to an embedded system that does not support USB host. The minimum connection is three wires: 5V, GND and TX.

OpenScale is configured via visible ASCII characters and a text menu system. Attach OpenScale via USB and use your favorite terminal software to open the COM port that OpenScale is connected to. By default OpenScale communicates at 9600bps 8-N-1. You should see the following displayed every few hundred miliseconds.

Pressing ‘x’ at any time will bring up the configuration menu.