OpenScale Applications and Hookup Guide

Contributors: Nate, LightningHawk
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Physical Characteristics


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OpenScale is approximately 1.8 by 2.25”.


OpenScale is designed to be powered over USB but can be externally powered from a regulated 5V source.

Current Consumption

Different types of load cells will utilize different sized resistors in its wheatstone bridge. The smaller the resistors the greater the current at 5V. Additionally, OpenScale will attempt to power cycle the load cell to reduce localized strain gauge heating and overall power consumption. The status LED and USB-to-Serial ICs will also affect the current usage. Those factors in mind, the user can expect around 80 to 100mA at 5V for a regular setup.

The base current consumption is approximately 18mA under the following conditions:

  • 5V regulated into 5V pin on FTDI connector (no USB connected)
  • No load connected
  • Status LED disabled

It is recommended to use the Serial Trigger mode of OpenScale for low power applications. This mode will allow OpenScale to power down the instrumentation amplifier and enter the lowest possible power state.