OpenScale Applications and Hookup Guide

Contributors: Nate, LightningHawk
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Calibration Suggestions

Creep is the change in load cell signal occurring with time while under constant load and with all environmental conditions and other variables also remaining constant. Load cells tend to creep meaning they will change their output slightly over time when a weight is left on the scale for long (30+ minutes) periods of time. To calibrate for something such as a bee hive that will be permanently left on a scale:

  • Place everything on the scale that will be the zero state (the hive plus any static ballast)
  • Leave the scale for 30+ minutes
  • Tare the scale with these weights
  • Place two calibration weights onto the scale
  • Leave the scale for 30+ minutes
  • Calibrate the scale to this combined weight
  • Remove one of the calibration weights and verify scale output

More information about load cells and creep can be found here. Creep is also load cell specific. You will find a section on creep in the data sheet for your specific load cell. This calibration method may need to be repeated every season with changing temperatures and humidity.