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  • I am using the Openscale connected to 4 load sensors (50 kg), which is feeding information to an Arduino MKR1000. However, I’m having trouble actually getting the data to read correctly from the Openscale to the Adruino. I was able to get accurate readings from the Openscale’s HX711 itself, but once connected to the Arduino the serial data isn’t reading correctly.

    Between the Openscale and the Arduino is a bi-directional stepdown/stepup converter due to the Arduino having a max of 3.3 volts and the Openscale being 5 volts.

    Is there any direction I should be looking towards to see about how to get the data to read correctly, or even how to make sure I have everything wired properly?

    Thank you in advance.

  • I am using a 10 kg max load cell (TAS606-10kg miniature button type load cell) and the weight seems to be off by quite a bit.

    I have a nickle, dime, and quarter which I am trying to measure grams on. I am finding that the readings re off by a factor of 5-6x.

  • Hi there, does anybody tried to “post process these temperature readings to get the maximum scale accuracy” ? I’ve found nothing, nobody on the net doing so (how bizarre??) !!

    Up to now, I’m doing over day measurements with fixed (known) weight and try to estimate the temperature correction factor with a linear or 2nd order polynomial regression formula given by Excel sheet. Yet results (corrected curve) still follow the measured curve (not flattened by this correction factor) can someone point me in the right direction please ? thanks in advance :-)

  • How do I hookup the HX711 to the OpenScale board? thx

  • Hi. We have a load sensor with 3 wires (red, black and blue). We use the Openscale and we follow all the steps in the tutorial. We can set options for the Openscale thanks to arduino but we don’t receive any values of reading. Can you help us please? Thanks, Antoine

  • Hi, Does anyone know how to maintain the tare weight (zeroing) of the load cell even after power cycling? Everything else seems to maintain its settings like calibration, decimal, etc but not the tare weight.


  • ——————– Tech Support Tips/Troubleshooting/Common Issues ——————–

    Issues With Calibration After Power Cycle

    If you calibrate the OpenScale, power cycle, and the open Scale resets to the default readings, try reuploading the default Arduino code from this branched repository [ ]. An engineer was able to resolve the issue by modifying the code [ ]. It will eventually be merged with the master after review. A customer that had this same issue and they were able to get it working as expected after reuploading the code.

  • Hi, I’ve got my open scale setup, and was reading it correctly, and now for some unknown reason, My scale is fared and immediately jumps 15-20 pounds. I’m using 4 50kg sensors and the built in combinator. Any ideas? Thanks!

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