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Contributors: Nick Poole
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Two Decades of Gaming

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"Ah, my friend! You've returned."

Back in 1991, brothers Rand and Robyn Miller led a team at Cyan, Inc. to begin creating a puzzle-adventure game that would eventually launch the software company to worldwide fame. Its unique premise, simple mechanics and beautiful artwork made MYST the best-selling PC game from its release in 1993 until it was finally beaten by The Sims in 2002.

Twenty years, several sequels, and a host of spin-offs later, Cyan Worlds have just kickstarted a new franchise in the spirit of MYST. To celebrate, I decided to put together a fun little prop from the MYST games. This project will also introduce you to the 4DViSi environment for programming 4D Systems displays!

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Oh, but before we get started, you should check out this primer about 4D Systems Touch Screens. Once you're familiar with using the ViSi Genie, you'll be ready to use the ViSi environment!