MicroMod Asset Tracker Carrier Board Hookup Guide

Contributors: El Duderino, PaulZC
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In this section we'll go over a few troubleshooting tips for common snags and questions using the MicroMod Asset Tracker Carrier Board.

LTE Network Availability

The SARA-R5 supports LTE-M and NB-IoT data communication for multi-regional use. Please check the LTE signal availability for your area before purchasing a SARA-R5 product and selecting an LTE service provider / operator.

Data Connectivity

When working through the data connectivity examples, it is important that you run examples 13, 14 and 17 in order, before moving on to example 18 or 19. Each example builds on the last and together they configure the SARA’s data connection correctly.

TP (1PPS) Pin and LED

At the time of writing, we are shipping the SARA-R5 on the Asset Tracker with firmware version 02.06 on it. 02.06 contains a feature (which is just a polite name for a bug!) which means the 1 Pulse-Per-Second from the GNSS does work, but the pulse is only ~3 microseconds wide and cannot be adjusted. Handy huh? u-blox are aware of this - in fact we told them about it - and a fix is coming but they haven’t added it yet. We will keep an eye out for it and update this section once the fix is released.

Just to complicate matters, 3 microseconds is too short for the buffer FET and LED connected to the timing pulse to respond. So, we regret that you cannot currently use the TP PTH. We will share the fix with you as soon as we have it. The SARA firmware is easy to update using the Asset Tracker Firmware Update Tool.

NB/IoT Compatibility

The SparkFun MicroMod Asset Tracker uses the "00B" product version of the SARA-R5 module (specifically the SARA-R510M8S-00B-00). LTE NB-IoT Radio Access Technology, and the LTE FDD bands: 66, 71, 85 are not supported by this version.

General Troubleshooting Help