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  • I think upon further reading I have answered my question, now just to figure out why my micro:bit keeps giving me a 'write protected' error when I try to upload to it. I may try it from a different computer, this one could have its usb ports locked down since its a work laptop.

  • Hi - On the climate kit Product Page it's stated ""We even included an extra experiment that includes wireless communication between two micro:bits to be able to monitor the weather without being exposed to it." Where is this in the experiment guide? Thanks. Darrell, Mission Viejo, CA

  • A note on Experiment 5: As the write up says, the wind vane detects 16 different directions, and the Wind Direction routine in the makeCode package only decodes 8 of these. So, if you want wind direction that works more than half the time, you do need to do your own decoding (of the analogRead of pin P1). Actually, P1=255 more than half the time (the voltage on P1 appears to be zero when this happens, so the reed switches are likely not closing?). The values of P1 that I observed are as follows (there is some variability, so a +/- 4 range is probably appropriate):

    • ESE - 378
    • ENE - 396
    • E - 405
    • SSE - 436
    • SE - 488
    • SSW - 539
    • S - 573
    • NNE - 664
    • NE - 703
    • WSW - 791
    • SW - 810
    • NNW - 852
    • N - 898
    • WNW - 920
    • NW - 951
    • W - 979
    • ??? - 255

    • Hello! I re-read the experiment and looked at the code and I think the verbage could be re-worked because it is a bit confusing. We read resistance at 16 different loci and then use those values to calculate the cardinal directions we list in the experiment: N,NE,E,SE,S,SW,W,NE. In the makecode package, the standard deviation on these values is +/- 10 which gives me pause when looking at gradations of NNE, ENE, ESE, etc. I'm logging an issue to look at the statistical analysis to verify we can get consistent accuracy with these extended directions. If it makes sense to update the makeCode (and the experiment) we certainly will. Thank you!

  • I'm working with the weather:bit. I'd have the weather:bit micro:bit transmit a comma delimited string to a 2nd micro:bit. I can't figure out a way in Makecode Blocks to break down the comma delimited string into multiple variables. Nor can I figure out a way to transmit an array.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • The MakeCode for Experiment 1 does not work. Please note the following comment in the GitHub repository:

    Set Up Function
    At the start of any program which will use the BME280 Sensor data (Pressure, Humidity, Altitude, Temperature) place the "Set up Weather Monitoring" in a "Forever" block. It is unknown at this time why this block will not work in the "On Start" block.

    Also, "send your feedback" doesn't work, hence this comment.

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