LilyTiny Plush Monster

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Step 7: Sew and Stuff Monster

Time to start the finishing touches on our monster. For e-textile projects with stitches on two sides that may touch, we'll need some sort of insulation. Luckily fiber fill or fabric scraps will provide enough of a spacer that the conductive thread on the front and back won't accidentally short circuit.

Make sure the battery is out of the project or switch is turned to OFF before this step.

Fold the felt in half so that all the LilyPad components are on the outside. Using a non-conductive thread such as cotton, nylon, or some fancy embroidery stitching, sew along the edges of the felt - leave a 1-2" opening for stuffing.

alt text

alt text

Finishing Touches and Embellishments:

Once the monster is stuffed, close up the opening with a few more stitches, and start crafting a personality for it with eyes, facial features, or hair.

  • White felt circles over the LEDs make great eyeballs - the felt is thin enough that the LEDs will shine through.
  • If you want to hide your conductive thread stitching, try some fabric paint in a matching color or other decorations. This will also help protect from any short circuits if you accidentally set the monster down on a metal or conductive surface.
  • Faux fur or feathers make great crazy hair.

Here are some examples of finished monsters:

alt text