LilyTiny Plush Monster

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Step 4: Exploring the LilyTiny Pins

Next we will use alligator clips to temporarily connect an LED to the LilyTiny and decide which light pattern looks best for our monster. Each numbered sew tab is programmed with a different light effect.

alt text

An example project showing an LED connected to each of the LilyTiny's sew tabs.

Use an alligator clip to attach the negative side of the LED to one of the negative tab on the battery holder. If the sewn one is too hard to grab with the clip, you can use the bottom negative tab. Make sure that the teeth of the clip are making good contact with the metal around the sewing holes.

alt text

Next, use another alligator clip to connect the positive end of the LED to one of the numbered tabs on the LilyTiny. Once everything is hooked up, insert a coin cell battery into the battery holder, and turn the slide switch to the ON position. You should see a light pattern begin on the LED. To explore what the other LilyTiny tabs do, carefully detach the end of the clip attached to the numbered hole, and move it to another one.

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