LilyPad USB Plus Hookup Guide

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Resources and Going Further

Now that you've successfully got your LilyPad USB Plus up and running, it's time to incorporate it into your own project!

For more information about the LilyPad USB Plus, check out the resources below:

Looking to reuse old Lilypad Development Board examples and projects with the new LilyPad ProtoSnap Plus? Check out the guide linked below for more information.

Adapting LilyPad Development Board Projects to the LilyPad ProtoSnap Plus

May 24, 2018

An overview of the updates made in the redesign of the LilyPad Development Board to the LilyPad ProtoSnap Plus and how to adapt code written for the old board to the new one.

Check out these projects using LilyPad Arduino:

Dungeons and Dragons Dice Gauntlet

A playful, geeky tutorial for a leather bracer that uses a LilyPad Arduino, LilyPad accelerometer, and seven segment display to roll virtual 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20, and 100 side dice for gaming.

Light Up Pennant with E-Textiles

Show your school spirit, geek pride, or fandom with a light up pennant using the LilyTwinkle or LilyPad Arduino.

Night Sky Halloween Costume

Make a beautiful night sky costume using the LilyPad LEDs and the LilyTiny.

LilyPad Safety Scarf

This scarf is embedded with a ribbon of LEDs that illuminate when it gets dark out, making yourself more visible to vehicle and other pedestrians.