LilyPad USB Plus Hookup Guide

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The LilyPad USB Plus is a sewable electronics microcontroller that you can use with Arduino. In this tutorial, we'll introduce the features of the USB Plus and set up the free Arduino software you'll need to upload code to it.

Lilypad USB Plus


The USB Plus is available as a standalone board or as part of the LilyPad ProtoSnap Plus board.

LilyPad ProtoSnap Plus

LilyPad ProtoSnap Plus

Warning: There are known driver issues on older versions of Windows (7 and 8 specifically). We are actively working on the issue and expect to have a resolution soon.

Required Materials

To reprogram and recharge the board, you'll need a micro-B USB cable. This is a common cable used by many devices, so you may already have one. Double check that it is not labeled ‘Power Only’ as these type of cables will not transmit the programming data needed by the LilyPad USB Plus board. If you don't have one you can get one from SparkFun:

USB Micro-B Cable - 6 Foot

USB Micro-B Cable - 6 Foot

USB Micro-B Cable - 6"

USB Micro-B Cable - 6"


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