LilyPad USB Plus Hookup Guide

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Stitching Into a Project

As you plan your project and prototype your code, you can use alligator clips to connect individual LilyPad pieces to the USB Plus and test them before building into a project.

The connections you've planned using alligator clips or a sketch of your circuit can then be recreated with conductive thread by stitching the components in your project once you are finished prototyping. If you'd like to continue to refine your code after sewing into your project, make sure to leave the USB connector accessible.

Sew LilyPad Components

These tutorials will give you some tips and tricks for project construction and insulation:

Insulation Techniques for e-Textiles

Learn a few different ways to protect your conductive thread and LilyPad components in your next wearables project.

LilyPad Basics: E-Sewing

Learn how to use conductive thread with LilyPad components.