Hackers in Residence - Hacking MindWave Mobile

Contributors: Sophi Kravitz
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Brought to you by Hacker in Residence, Sophi Kravitz.

Have you ever wanted to control something just by thinking about it? Well, you’re in luck. The MindWave allows you to turn electronic signals that flow in your body into digital signals that can be understood by a microcontroller. There is also the MindWave Mobile, which is designed to interface with your mobile devices. This tutorial will serve as half teardown/review and half project. After we explore the inner-workings of the MindWave Mobile, we’ll switch gears and focus on hacking it.

mindwave mobile

Covered in This Tutorial

This tutorial will go over:

  • What is MindWave Mobile?
  • Configuring the RN42 Bluetooth module
  • Pairing MindWave Mobile with the RN42
  • What is the data you will see coming out of the MindWave? What does it mean?
  • Programming the Arduino with provided source code to see MindWave data
  • Using Processing to graph specific values from the digital data
  • Next steps, after the MindWave

Suggested Reading

This tutorial builds on some previously covered topics. Please visit any of the links below if you are unfamiliar with the concepts mentioned.