Hackers in Residence - Hacking MindWave Mobile

Contributors: Sophi Kravitz
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Configuring the Bluetooth Module

The RN42 module can be configured to behave in a variety of different ways. If you have never configured one of the RN Bluetooth modules, please read our BlueSMiRF Hookup Guide.

You can use any serial terminal you wish to configure the bluetooth module. For this project, I used my Android phone with an app called S2 Terminal for Bluetooth to configure the RN42. The configuration process went as so:

Note: If you are using the S2 Terminal program, you will need to type in ASCII and put a return after each command. Also, you only have 60 seconds after power up to enter the first command.

  1. To put the RN42 into COMMAND mode, type $$$ (NO carriage return). If successful, you will see “CMD”.
  2. Type: D + carriage return. You will see the current configuration of the RN42.

    alt text

  3. Type: SP,0000 + carriage return. This will change the pincode from ‘1234’ to ‘0000’. You will see “AOK” if this is done properly.

  4. Type: SM, 3 + carriage return. This will configure the RN42 to Auto-Connect Mode. Once the module is powered up, it will immediately look to connect (pair).You will see “AOK” if this is done properly.
  5. Type: SR,MAC ADDRESS + carriage return. Insert the 12 digit address you copied from the MindWave Mobile. Look for AOK. If you don’t see AOK, you’ll have to retype the MAC address command.
  6. Now type: SU,57.6 + carriage return. This will change the baud rate from 115200 to 57600.

    alt text

  7. Type D + carriage return. Double check that the stored address is the Mac address you entered in step 5 and that it’s configured to Auto, not Slave.

  8. Type: --- (three minus signs) + carriage return You should then see END.

    alt text

Turn the Mindwave on. The blue light flashes for a few moments, then it will pair with your hardware. You’ll know that the Mindwave Mobile is paired because the blue light on the Mindwave Mobile is solid. If it is solid red, it is out of battery (AAA, lasts for about 8 hours).