Hackers in Residence - Hacking MindWave Mobile

Contributors: Sophi Kravitz
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Resources and Going Further

The best results using the MindWave Mobile came when I looked at the processed Attention value. It was easy to see that when I (or anyone else) counted backwards from 100 to 1, the Attention values went up.

The deep brainwave values that I really wanted to see, such as Gamma, Beta, etc., were all over the place, and it was difficult to see any consistency in those values at all. In fact, the brainwave values varied the same when the unit was on the head as when off the head!

The Android app that comes with the Mindwave Mobile didn’t work at all, I tried it on a few phones without success. Neurosky support thought that it was possible that my Android operating system was not compatible.

Overall, I don’t think using the Neurosky Mindwave product yields any data that is very useable. I look forward to trying Neurosky‚Äôs next revision, and I am really looking forward to trying OpenBCI!

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