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  • Uou’re probbaly not going to get anything too useful from the raw data, since it’s the frequency that matters. Thus only really reliable values are the computed Attention and Alertness: it’s probably MindWave’s secret sauce in the ASIC that’s computing it from whatever random wave it can pick up from your frontal cortex, then analyzing the frequency spectrum of it. There used to be devices like this you could by to do meditation feedback.

    But IIRC from a few years ago these things were also introduced to pick up eye blinks - is it useful for detecting eye blinks? You could use it to send commands by blinking your eyes….

  • Interesting tutorial and technical stuff there. It seems that the eye blink strength is quite consistent with some training and filtering out unnecessary noise artifacts. This can be done by classifying the various signals using Matlab and NI Labview. I would like to why the MSP430 is used in the NeuroSky MindWave Mobile in addition to the TGAM1 EEG chip. Any ideas??


  • Hello, first congratulate you for the great work done, I’m working with helmet MindWave Mobile too and wanted to know how you done to set the helmet to 57600 baud since by default it is set to 9600 baud, and not if you did to configure bluetooth, how did you do it ?, and if wise as commands are sent to town to reconfigure and to receive Raw Wave Value 16 Bit thank you very much, greetings. ALVARO

  • Hi, i have a problem with the code because i don’t receive nothing on serial port. I think that the problem is on mySerial because if i use only the Serial port i can see all data on the arduino serial.

    Can someone check the code? thanks a lot

  • I had some connection problems which I solved, so I have some important stuff to add:

    • Soldering the BlueSMirF to the Arduino is necessary! I tried it first by just holding the pins to the board, but it was too unstable.
    • After pairing the BlueSMirF to computer, make sure there is a serial port for the BlueSMirF, and otherwise press the “+” button.
    • Set protocol to “Modem”
    • Connect via Arduino’s Serial Monitor :
    • Make sure the right Serial Port is selected (when using CoolTerm, perform a rescan when port is not found)
    • Make sure the right Baud Rate is selected (BlueSMirF’s default is 115200)
    • Start with “No line ending” and type $$$
    • Continue with “ New line”  and type D etc.
    • IMPORTANT!! Set authentication to 0 by typing SA,0
    • IMPORTANT!! When connecting the Mindwave to BlueSMirF, make sure the Mindwave’s pairing memory is erased. Therefore hold pair for more than 6 seconds.
    • If it did not work, you can reset the Bluetooth to original factory settings as follows: and you can try again.
  • hello anyone alive on this tut, i tried to do this. configured my rn42n with my mindwave mac address, but it is not connecting. led keeps on blinking forever, my rn42n jumper set at default and auto master, but none helped,

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