Getting Started with the SmartLED Shield for Teensy

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Resources and Going Further

Now that you've successfully got your SmartLED shield for Teensy up and running, it's time to incorporate it into your own project!

For more information, check out the resources below:

Need some inspiration for your next project? Check out some of these related tutorials using a Raspberry Pi or an ESP32 to control the panels! Keep in mind the boards require a different library to control the RGB LED Matrix Panel.

RGB Panel Jumbotron

This tutorial will show you how to combine a webcam, a 32x32 RGB LED panel, and a Teensy 3.1 to stream video from the webcam, pixelate it, and display it on the LED panel - LIVE.

Live Spotify Album Art Display

Learn how to turn our 64x64 RGB LED Matrix Panel into a display for your current Spotify album art using an ESP32.

Maybe try making a hover pong game with the 32x32 RGB LED Matrix using a gesture sensor and the SmartLED Shield. The example code can be found in the GitHub repo HoverPong.

Or check out the old Aurora project. The project combines clock and animated GIFs examples with an IR remote and receiver for a dynamic display. The code also includes the ability to react to sound using a MSGEQ7

Note: Try mapping a touch panel with a matrix display using the SparkX 7 inch Qwiic capacitive touch panel [SPX-15104]!