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  • Flecko / last year / 1

    Can you go into detail regarding the DFU? You mention "once you have DFU enabled..." How do you enable? Can you make a diagram of the hardware hookup? Or does it go through the I2C if hooked up that way? What is the purpose of the AUXRX,TX,EN and how do they get hooked up to the target to trigger remote firmware updates?

    • El Duderino / last year / 1

      Sorry for the oversight there regarding the Outboard DFU setup. We've added a short section on setting up the Notecard for Outboard DFU. Outboard DFU should be enabled by default on the Notecard but there is a second command you'll need to send to the Notecard to enable host firmware updates between the Notecard and Processor. That's covered in the new section as well as in more detail in Blues Wireless' Outboard DFU tutorial.

      As far as a wiring diagram goes, all the wiring is handled in the MicroMod M.2 connectors so you just need to plug the Cellular Function Board and STM32v2 Processor into the Main Board and it makes all the correct connections. The Notecard updates firmware over UART (RX/TX) with the use of the Reset and Boot pins and we specifically designed this Function Board and the other supported MicroMod boards to make all of those connections for you in the MicroMod assembly.

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