Arduino Wireless Communication via the Electric Imp

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Resources and Going Further

We had to update this tutorial after Electric Imp drastically updated their IDE. Some of this code was based off examples written by Nate McBean. Thanks a bunch, Nate!

If you’re looking for other Imp resources, here are some of our favorite:

  • electric imp API Reference - Here you’ll find all of the imp-specific functions.
  • electric imp Developer Forums - There’s a wealth of knowledge in the imp community. If you’ve got a question, search for an answer here, or start a new topic.
  • Imp Card Spec Sheet - A good datasheet for the imp. You’ll find electrical characteristics here, along with other useful info.

If you’re still left with imp-related questions, try consulting their forums.

Going Further

Now that you know how to hook up the electric imp and its Breakout, what project will you be making with it? Will you be adding to the “Internet of Things”? Need some inspiration? Check out some of these products and projects: