Wireless Controlled Wearable EL Wire Dance Suit

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Securing the Electronics

For simplicity, a SparkFun cardboard box was chosen. While it was bulky and not the most comfortable, it was sufficient for the project to hold, protect, and secure the electronics. Using a cardboard box also made it easy to quickly prototype the enclosure.

Two rectangular square holes were cut on the side facing the dancer to easily connect/disconnect the power with the 9V battery. Along the length of a box, holes were cut for easy access to the inverter's switch and all channels of the EL Sequencer. Additional slots on the underside of the enclosure (facing the dancer) were cut to attach strips of elastic to easily remove the enclosure. A screw driver was used to poke holes for each of the EL Sequencer's mounting holes and standoffs. Electrical tape was used to hold down the inverter, 9V battery, and extension cables against the box. Each enclosure was then labeled for each XBee node and dancer.

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