Wireless Controlled Wearable EL Wire Dance Suit

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Configuring XBees

To wirelessly control the suits, I decided to use the XBee Series 1 modules. If you have not already, check out the Starting with XCTU section under Exploring XBees and XCTU to configure your XBees.

Exploring XBees and XCTU

March 12, 2015

How to set up an XBee using your computer, the X-CTU software, and an XBee Explorer interface board.

The CH, ID, and DH were set to the same values for all the XBee modules. For the broadcasting XBee (i.e. your controller), the DL was set to FFFF. The receiving XBees on each of the dancers point are set to the MY address of the broadcasting XBee. Each of the XBees had a unique MY address.

SettingAcronymTx XBee Node 1
(Glove Controller)
Rx XBee Node 2
(Dancer 1)
Rx XBee Node 3
(Dancer 2)
Rx XBee Node 4
(Dancer 3)
Rx XBee Node 5
(Dancer 4)
Rx XBee Node 6
(Dancer 5)
Rx XBee Node 7
(Dancer 6)
Rx XBee Node 8
(Dancer 7)
PAN IDID33333333333333333333333333333333
Destination Address HighDH00000000
Destination Address LowDLFFFF1111111
16-bit Source AddressMY12345678