Twinkling Trick or Treat Bag

Contributors: Gella
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Step 1: Prepare Your Canvas

We'll be translating the circuit from our ProtoSnap LilyTwinkle onto the tote bag. First, choose one of the Halloween designs to transfer onto the bag.

Download House Design Download Cat Design Download Bat Design Download Ghost Design

After downloading a design, follow the directions on the package of your iron-on transfers to prepare your print. Tip: do a test print on plain paper before using the transfer paper to make sure your printer's margins show the whole template.

Let the transfer dry (typically 30 minutes after printing), then cut around the design to remove all the instructional text and info. Place the image on the tote bag and follow the package instructions to iron it on. After ironing, let the transfer cool for a few minutes before peeling the backing away.

While we are waiting for the design to cool off, let's break apart our LilyTwinkle pieces and fire up the glue gun for the next step. You may need to use snips to break them apart. Remove the battery and set it aside until all the sewing is completed.

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