Twinkle Zodiac Constellation

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Planning Your Project

For this project, we have designed a pattern for each zodiac sign for your use! You may notice that the patterns are not all the same size. We learned that some constellations work well on a smaller hoop, while other simply have too many components to fit in the space. Each pattern is at its smallest recommended size. You can scale up from there by editing the files on your own computer. The pattern files are available for download below.



Download and print the provided embroidery pattern for the constellation(s) of your choice, and cut it out along the line with your regular scissors.

Step 1


Use your shearing scissors to cut a swatch of fabric large enough to cover your hoop plus an inch or two. Then stretch it and place it between the hoops.

Step 2


To trace your pattern, place it behind your stretched fabric.

Step 3

Then bring it to a window or light, and mark all of the circles in your design.

Step 4

Now you are ready to start adding LilyPad Components!