The Great Big Guide to Paper Circuits

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Resources and Going Further

Wow, we covered a lot of concepts in this tutorial! If you are unsure where to start, try experimenting with small swatches of scrap paper and exploring which technique works best for your project ideas. If you are looking for some more guided projects, check out some of our tutorials:

Light-Up Father's Day Card

Light up your dad's day with this electronic pop-up card!

Let It Glow Holiday Cards

Craft a glowing card for friends and family this holiday season with paper circuits - no soldering required!

Light-Up Valentine Cards

Light up your love with paper circuits - no soldering required!

Bare Conductive Musical Painting

Learn how to make a musical painting using the Bare Conductive Touch Board and Conductive Paint.

Looking for some paper circuit designs? Check out some of these resources:

Paper Circuits Pin

March 31, 2014

This quick craft project shows you how to create a circuit using copper tape instead of wire to light up an LED and make a wearable piece of e-craft art.

Paper Circuits: Lotus Flower Pop Up Card

May 6, 2014

Templates used in the Have Fun with Paper Circuitry workshop at GESTEM on 5/9/14.

You also do not have to be limited by using just paper. Try exploring circuits with cardboard!