SparkFun GPS Breakout (ZOE-M8Q and SAM-M8Q) Hookup Guide

Contributors: Elias The Sparkiest
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Hardware Assembly

For this example, I used a Qwiic capable RedBoard and associated USB cable. With that and a Qwiic cable, the assembly is very simple. Plug a Qwiic cable between the RedBoard and the GPS unit, and attach the antenna to the U.FL connector. If you need tips on plugging in the U.FL connector, then check out our U.FL tutorial. If you're going to be soldering to the through hole pins, then just attach lines to power, ground, and the I2C data lines to the microcontroller of your choice. Of course, if you're using the SAM-M8Q then you don't need an antenna since it already has one.

ZOE-M8Q connected to an Arduino and GPS Antenna

RedBoard Qwiic and the ZOE-M8Q with attached Adhesive Antenna

SAM-M8Q Connected to an Arduino

RedBoard Qwiic and the SAM-M8Q