SparkFun gator:environment Hookup Guide

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Troubleshooting Tips

Here are a few tips for troubleshooting this device.

Sensor Heating

The CCS811 is a MOX sensor that uses a hotplate to detect the VOCs. Additionally, the CCS811 relies on the BME280 for ambient air temperature and humidity to compensate the MOX readings. The heat generated from the CCS811 should be isolated from the BME280 to prevent the heat from affecting the BME280 and thus affecting the compensation values. However, this doesn't take into account any external heating which would also affect the temperature and humidity for compensation of the CCS811.

Equivalent CO2 and TVOC

As mentioned in the Hardware Overview section, the CO2 and TVOC values are equivalent; they are interpreted values. If you are trying to measure CO2 directly, the CCS811 sensor will not be able to detect it. Additionally, the CCS811 only measures specific VOCs.

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