SparkFun expLoRaBLE Hookup Guide

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Hardware Assembly

USB Programming

The USB connection is utilized for programming and serial communication. Users only need to plug their SparkFun expLoRaBLE into a computer using a USB-C cable.

SparkFun expLoRaBLE connected to a computer
The SparkFun expLoRaBLE attached to a computer. (Click to enlarge)


In order to utilize the LoRa and RF capabilities of the SX1262, users will need to attach an antenna. Check out the tutorial below for tips on using U.FL connectors.

Attaching a whip antenna to the SparkFun expLoRaBLE
Attaching a patch antenna to the SparkFun expLoRaBLE
The SparkFun expLoRaBLE with a whip or patch antenna attached. (Click to enlarge)

Three Quick Tips About Using U.FL

December 28, 2018

Quick tips regarding how to connect, protect, and disconnect U.FL connectors.
Note: Users should be aware that the transmission signal from the Wide Band 4G LTE Internal FPC antenna emmits orthogonally to the top surface (i.e. towards the camera in the image above). Additionally, from our experience the antenna runs better in the wire down orientation as well.


For remote LoRa applications, a Li-Po battery can be connected. Additionally, users may be interested in utilizing a solar panel and USB-C cable to recharge their battery.

Battery connected to the SparkFun expLoRaBLE
The SparkFun expLoRaBLE with a battery connected. (Click to enlarge)
Solar Panel Charger - 10W

Solar Panel Charger - 10W

$18.95 $14.21
USB 3.1 Cable A to C - 3 Foot

USB 3.1 Cable A to C - 3 Foot


Qwiic Devices

The Qwiic system allows users to effortlessly prototype with a Qwiic compatible I2C device without soldering. Users can attach any Qwiic compatible sensor or board, with just a Qwiic cable. (*The example below, is for demonstration purposes and is not pertinent to the board functionality or this tutorial.)

Qwiic devices connected to SparkFun expLoRaBLE
The Qwiic XA110 GPS breakout board and Micro OLED board connected to the SparkFun expLoRaBLE.