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  • Is to possible to read ibeacon data with the simblee ?

  • I’ve looked through all the web pages, docs, etc and still can’t figure it out. How can I send data from the Simblee to an Arduino board?

    I want a simple app that is basically a number pad 0-9 just like a phone to send number values to the Arduino. I just want to tap the numbers on a phone, then press a programmed Enter key(via Simblee app), this would go to the Simblee, from there to the Arduino, from there to my display.

    • I have example Simblee For Mobile KeyPAD that I think will show you how to do it. It is not well commented, but I think it is layed out clearly. I may comment it better later. As written you can enter up to 29 numeric characters that you can CLEAR or SEND. When it is sent I just Serial.print the value so you can connect the Simblee TX/RX pins to your Arduino RX/TX lines.


  • I am not really sure, why this is called IoT ?
    (Slogan “IoT for connecting Everyone and Everything”),
    since you can not connect with BLE to the Internet (or at least e.g. to a home based router / AP) …

    another question for me is:
    how can I use the
    “Simblee COMM ad-hoc bi-directional communication between any number of devices” - mode,
    like it is described within their Datasheet v1.0 on page 7 ..
    (point to multipoint / mesh network).
    I can not find anything or any functions for that in their libraries… (?)

    • There are examples with the library. For now, we wanted to focus on the core functionality that we feel most of our customers will use, which is the SimbleeForMobile library.

      • Other than the examples within their libraries, do you know if there are alternative resources available?

        I’m trying to answer the somewhat simple question of “how can I get data from within a SimbleForMobile.drawTextField object so that i can do something with the data within the Simblee”? This seams like a simple question, but i cannot find additional information. Where do you go when you can’t find what you need from within Simblee’s examples?

        • TBH, a huge part of this tutorial was written by digging around in their source code to see how things work.

          There are a couple of additional docs on the “Resources and Going Further” page that I’ve found very useful, as well.

          Finally, to answer your actual question: the Simblee library deals with UI elements in a kind of odd way. They aren’t truly created as objects, so normal object-oriented concepts (“get data from…” for example) don’t really work. The trick is, you’ve got to grab that data when the ui_event() call declaring the posting of that data happens. After that time, there’s no way I know of to get that data.

          In other words, within ui_event(), check to see if the event is caused by the text field you’re interested in, then check event.type to see if the type is EVENT_RELEASE (double check on this; I’m not 100% sure that’s the event type created by text entry), and then you can grab the text content by reading the event.text object.

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