Sending Sensor Data via Bluetooth

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Step 2: Setting up Arduino IDE

In order to send code to the ESP32 Thing Plus C, you will need to install the latest ESP32 board definitions in the Arduino IDE.

Here is the .json file for the Espressif Arduino core.

If you are not familiar with manually installing third-party cores, follow the instructions in this tutorial:

Installing Board Definitions in the Arduino IDE

September 9, 2020

How do I install a custom Arduino board/core? It's easy! This tutorial will go over how to install an Arduino board definition using the Arduino Board Manager. We will also go over manually installing third-party cores, such as the board definitions required for many of the SparkFun development boards.

Instructions for manually installing third party cores are also available here

When selecting a board to program in the Arduino IDE, you should choose the SparkFun ESP32 Thing Plus C from the Tools drop down menu (Tools -> Board -> ESP32 -> SparkFun ESP32 Thing Plus C).

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