RedBot Assembly Guide

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**Wheel Encoder Screws**

We will be placing screws that will later hold the RedBot Sensor - Wheel Encoder to the bottom chassis.

**If you do not have a RedBot Sensor - Wheel Encoder, you will want to skip this section and move on to the Motors section on this Assembly Guide. **

Locate the following:

  • 1x Bottom Chassis Piece
  • 2x 4-40 3/8" Phillips Screws
  • 2x 4-40 Hex Nuts

There are different types of screws in this kit. Make sure you use the 4-40 screws and nuts for the RedBot Wheel Encoder. The 4-40 screws and nuts are packaged with the RedBot Sensor - Wheel Encoder.

Picking the right screw

Locate the two positions on the bottom chassis piece where the 4-40 screws will go. In this step, it doesn't matter what side you use, since both sides of the chassis are indential.

Bottom Chassis

Place one of the 4-40 screw through the chassis piece in the correct location. This side of the chassis piece will now be your bottom side.

Screw going into Bottom Chassis

Tightly screw down the 4-40 hex nut on the top side of the chassis piece to hold the 4-40 screw down.

Screw on the bottom chassis

Place the second 4-40 screw and nut in the second located position on the chassis piece. You will want to place the 4-40 screw through the bottom side of the chassis. Then screw in the 4-40 nut on the top side of the chassis.

Second Screw