Preassembled 40-pin Pi Wedge Hookup Guide

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The preassembled 40-pin Pi Wedge is the newest member in our Pi Wedge family. It's an excellent way to get those pesky Pi pins broken out to a breadboard so that they can easily be used.

SparkFun Pi Wedge

SparkFun Pi Wedge


Check out the Pi Wedge in the product showcase at 2:47!

This Pi Wedge is compatible with members of the Pi family with 40-pin GPIO headers, including

It adapts the 40-pin GPIO connector on recent Pis to a breadboard-friendly form factor and rearranges the pins by similar function. Also, the GPIO pins are arranged in ascending order.

This version also comes fully assembled -- no soldering is required!

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The Pi Wedge, shown with a Pi B+.

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