nRF52832 Breakout Board Hookup Guide

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Hardware Assembly

To program the chip, and to use any of the nRF52832's 32 I/O, you'll need to solder something to its headers. In the least, we recommend soldering right-angle male headers or straight male headers onto the six-pin serial header. Either of these will interface easily with the FTDI Basic and Beefy Breakouts.

six-pin right-angle header soldered into serial port

Solder a six-pin right-angle header into the serial port to interface it with an FTDI Beefy 3.

The remaining two rows of vias are breadboard-compatible, so you can solder male pins into both and have it straddle a breadboard.

male headers soldered into both header rows, making it breadboard-compatible

Solder straight male headers into the pair of header rows to make the breakout breadboard-compatible.

Or you can solder wire, female headers, or anything else your project requires into those remaining holes.