MicroMod GNSS Function Board - ZED-F9P Hookup Guide

Contributors: El Duderino
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Hardware Assembly

If you're not familiar with assembling boards using the MicroMod connection system, head over to the MicroMod Main Board Hookup Guide for information on inserting and securing your MicroMod Processor and Function Boards to the Main Board:

MicroMod Main Board Hookup Guide

November 11, 2021

The MicroMod Main Board - Single and Double are specialized carrier boards that allow you to interface a Processor Board with a Function Board(s). The modular system allows you to add an additional feature(s) to a Processor Board with the help of a Function Board(s). In this tutorial, we will focus on the basic functionality of the Main Board - Single and Main Board - Double.

Antenna Connection

The antenna connection on this Function Board uses a u.Fl connector so an adapter like this is most likely needed. For tips on how to properly use a u.Fl connector, this tutorial can help.

Completed Assembly

With the Function and Processor Boards installed on a Main Board and the antenna and USB-C cables plugged in, your completed MicroMod assembly should look similar to the photo below:

Image of completed MicroMod assembly with GNSS antenna connected.

With the MicroMod assembly completed, we can move on to setting up the software and start getting location data from the ZED-F9P.