LogicBlocks Experiment Guide

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1. 2-Input AND Gate

The first experiment starts off as simple as possible: a dual-input, single output AND gate.

What You'll Need

  • 1x AND Block
  • 2x Input Blocks
  • 1x Power Block

Circuit Diagram

AND Gate Circuit

LogicBlock Layout

Nothing too fancy here. An Input Block should be inserted into each of the AND Block's inputs. Then plug the Power Block into the output of the AND Block.

2-Input AND Gate LogicBlocks

The blue LED on the AND Block will indicate the output status of the circuit.

The Experiment

Try all four possible input combinations: 0/0, 0/1, 1/0, and 1/1. Remember, this is what the AND gate's truth table should look like:

Input AInput BOutput

  • Does the blue AND block LED light up as you'd expect?


While we're here, let's discuss the other two fundamental gates. A two-input OR and a single-input NOT.

Two-Input OR Gate

2-input OR

Can you lay out the fundamental, two-input OR gate with LogicBlocks? It'll require a similar set of blocks to the AND:

OR gate LogicBlocks

After experimenting with that, can you complete this truth table for the OR?:

Input AInput BOutput

Two-Input NOT Gate

Now do the same thing with the NOT gate.

Not gate circuit symbol

This time you'll only need one Input Block:

NOT gate LogicBlocks

Can you complete the NOT truth table?

Input AOutput

Now that you've got a handle of the three, fundamental logic gates, let's add some inputs! Onto the next experiment...