LogicBlocks Experiment Guide

Contributors: Jimb0



So you’ve read through the LogicBlocks introductory tutorial (or the kit’s included documentation), and are ready for some experiments!? Time to put those LogicBlocks to use!

XNOR circuit

You’ll be building big ol' LogicBlock circuits like this XNOR in no time!

Table of Contents

Here’s a breakdown of the experiments we’ll be exploring in this guide:

  1. 2-Input AND Gate
  2. 3-Input AND Gate
  3. NANDs, NORs, and De Morgan’s Laws
  4. Combinational Logic
  5. Ring Oscillator
  6. SR Latch
  7. 2-to-1 Multiplexer
  8. 1-to-2 Decoder (De-multiplexer)
  9. XOR Gate
  10. Beyond LogicBlocks…

Each experiment includes a schematics, and matching LogicBlock layouts for the circuit under test.

alt text

alt text

There are also smatterings of truth tables, state diagrams, and boolean equations throughout each experiment. And they’re all capped off with challenges, questions, and sub-experiments. To get the most out of each experiment, make sure you check out the sub-experiments!

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