Jetson Nano + Sphero RVR Mash-up (PART 1)

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In Closing and Next Steps

With that, the basic structure of your NVIDIA Jetson Nano powered Sphero RVR is ready for software setup and programming.

Fully assembled robot

As we alluded to throughout this tutorial this is just the start for this robot! We wanted to give you something to start with, and be able to expand on that by adding more sensors, servo motors, etc. The expansion of this project would be a breeze using Qwiic as well as our ever growing Python libraries for our Qwiic lineup. Now, to start programming we need to get some software up and running on the Nano!

Check out the following tutorial for part 2!

Jetson Nano + Sphero RVR Mash-up (PART 2)

July 29, 2020

We took two of our biggest robotics partnerships from the previous year and shazamed them together into one robot to rule them all!