Jetson Nano + Sphero RVR Mash-up (PART 1)

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Hardware Overview

As mentioned in the Introduction this project is a mash-up of two different kits, plus the Sphero RVR. We tried our best to source all of the parts individually for you, but many bits and pieces are used from the two original kits. Here is a wishlist of the major parts that would be required. In this case the only thing you would need to fabricate would be the camera mounting bracket if you dont have the one from the JetBot 2.1 kit.

Most of the hardware from each kit can be found in our catalog, but with a few bits and pieces thrown in as well. If you are sourcing parts individually rather than through our kits I have included the important parts we do not carry as individual components below.

Other Parts

3M Dual Lock - From the Jetbot AI Kit, I use it to mount the camera and battery
USB Battery Bank- For powering the Jetson Nano separate from the RVR, it comes with the Jetbot AI kit. If you source your own battery pack, make sure it can supply at least 3A@5V.