Importing Custom Images into Eagle

Contributors: Shawn Hymel
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Resources and Going Further

Try playing with some of the layers in Eagle to make interesting effects in your artwork! For example, in the badger face from the Introduction, the face is on the tPlace (top silk) layer, but the eyes are on the Top (top copper) layer. When the boards are produced, the face is white, but the eyes come out silver, copper, or gold colored (depending on the finish used).

alt text


Check out these other resources to aid in graphic design on your PCBs.

Going Further

Want to share your custom artwork with others? Check out these tutorials on how to contribute to and make your own public GitHub repositories. What more advanced Eagle tips and Tricks? Learn how to take your design to the next levels with these other great SparkFun Eagle tutorials.

Using GitHub

How to use repositories and GitHub for version control.

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Or check out these blog posts for ideas when using negative silkscreen and custom utilities.