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  • If you get the error "Package contains a polygon that may cause extremely large plot data. Continue?" it can be fixed by modifying the trace widths in eagle, or you can manually editing the .lbr file and increasing the width of the polygons from 0 to 0.01. Change polygon width="0" to polygon width="0.01".

    <package name="MYLOGO-SMALL">
    <polygon width="0.01" layer="21">
    <vertex x="-3.429" y="0.949146875"/>
    <vertex x="-3.429" y="-0.949146875"/>

    Be sure to go through each polygon in the package and make this change. Find and replace in something like Programmer's Notepad is very helpful.

  • Member #578995 / about 8 years ago / 1

    I followed all of the steps outlined here and was able to place my company's logo on our newest PCB. Very well put together tutorial; all of the steps were clear and the process was logical and achieved the desired result. Thank you!

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